Silents Return to Silent Movie Theatre

They're back. With a speakeasy to boot.

Silent Movie Theatre. Silent movies. There's a connection there. Wait. It's coming to us. Think. Think.

When the Cinefamily took over the Fairfax District's famous Silent Movie Theatre a few years back, the programming went delightfully kaleidoscopic. Vintage '70s flicks full of flying fists and overly processed hair. The occasional poorly dubbed horror knock-off. Some random short with an overwrought plot but tons of pizazz.

But the fear-nothing film group took a small break on silents, which had been the theater's stock-and-trade for years and years. Now Cinefamily has announced their somewhat regular return, starting on Wednesday, February 3rd with "The Flapper."

Hubba hubba. Dress in '20s garb for your half-price ticket. And plan on hitting the makeshift speakeasy out back.

Cinefamily big cheese Hadrian Belove explained in a letter to the theater's fans some of his thoughts behind the running of silents -- he is still committed to them -- and says that they are actually a bit more expensive to run, due to live musical accompaniment and other considerations.

So if you're entranced with silents, the beauty and drama and evocativeness, rededicate yourself to going to Silent Movie when they're on. The plan is for two to three a month. Flickering film aficionados, we can all try and make at least one.

Cue the organist...

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