Skyping with Lil Bub

Cinefamily celebrates felines, with a very special phone-in guest.

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Cinefamily, that merry group of movie mavens that oversees Silent Movie Theatre on Fairfax Avenue, has some serious pull in this town.

The hot indie directors? Favorite '80s teen-com stars? No problem; they can easily summon 'em for in-depth, laugh-filled Q&As. But the cinema-loving collective has just made its biggest get yet: Lil Bub, the cat who has taken over hearts and the "awww"-producing center of our brains this summer.

Lil Bub will make an appearance, via Skype, at "The Feline Gaze: The Art of the Cat Film" on Saturday, Aug. 25. 

If you've heard of this cat around the web, you'll know a few things about him: The Indiana-based kitty has extra toes and was born without teeth (she was born this way, not bred, says her loving human father Bub). She's been dubbed a "perma-kitten," meaning she'll stay wee her whole life. She is healthy and eats well.

Beyond Lil Bub's on-screen hello, theatergoers will watch films like "CatCam" -- yep, it is footage garnered from a camera attached to a cat's collar -- and other feline films. The director of the Internet Cat Video Festival will also be in the house, talking about her work and movies with meow.

Admission is twelve bucks for the daytime cat-together. Purr.

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