So, We Have An “American Idol”-Related Show Idea

You don't have to be a fan of "American Idol" -- but you probably are, or at least sort of, or you've seen the ginormous hit once or twice -- to kind of love all the pictures that come in from all the huge auditions around the country.

We're talking the overhead pictures here, the ones taken from helicopters or high hills that show a queue of fancy-outfitted hopefuls snaking around whatever auditorium they'll be entering and singing their "pick-me-pick-me" hearts out in. For while many "AI" followers love nothing more than to see Simon dress down some suspender-wearing, highwaters-sporting, strangely coiffed note-breaker, we like to spy the contestants standing outside near the very back of some huge line.

Why? Because there's just raw hope there, which we love. Because the next winner could be standing at the very back. And because we've always wondered one thing: How, after spending hours, or days, in line, does one freshen up before facing the judges? Some 10,000 people just queued in Dallas for a chance to sing. Ten -- thousand -- people.

You obviously can't dash home for a shower (we're not sure how "AI" feels about friends holding spots in line, but we have to think that not everyone has a buddy who can help them out). You're outside usually. You've probably got a tiny mirror, but no plug for a blow dryer. You're doing your best to look your best under the circumstances.

So, "American Idol" producers: Maybe there's a tip-laden show on how contestants who've been standing in line all day prep for Paula and pals? Surely there are secrets there that the fans are longing to know.

(The final day of the Season 9 Rose Bowl auditions is Tuesday, June 30th.)

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