SoCal, Meet New England

A nearby getaway goes all snowy on us.

Riley's Farm

Our city's ability to convincingly duplicate other places in television and movies is not unknown.

We've got mountains, we've got a little ocean called the Pacific, we've got massive glass houses and wee Snow White cottages half-hidden in forested glens.

We've also got a few spots that are very New England-ish -- yes, we're nodding in your general direction, South Pasadena -- and back-east-ian. Riley's Farm is on our mind today, and if you haven't been to this living history outpost in Oak Glen, and you hail from the mountains of Virginia, or somewhere in eastern Connecticut, and you long for a kind-of-back-home experience, we recommend.

The Farm just posted a photo of the snow it got on Wednesday, January 20th. At first glance, did you think New England? Maybe Maryland someplace? A brief moment of confusion. Happy, cold, snowy confusion.

The snapshot made us think of the Colonial tavern at Riley's Farm, the costumed actors and quaint demos, and it made us want to remind everyone Riley's Farm, and all of pretty Oak Glen, is just over 90 minutes away from bustling, not-snowy LA.

(FYI -- Word is the snow is now rain, but that still seems plenty photographable to us.)

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