SoCal Women's Jailers Accused of Sexual Misconduct

A pair of lawsuits that will be heard in federal court in San Diego allege that guards in Imperial County abused their positions of power to garner sexual favors, according to a published report.

The lawyer who filed the suits -- including Gerald Singleton, a local attorney -- told the San Diego Union-Tribune they believe there could be other woman who suffered the same treatment at the hands of Imperial County Sheriff's Department employees. A hearing on the case is set of Jan. 20.

Former guard James Ray Morris pleaded guilty last year to having sex with inmates. One of his alleged victims claims in the suit that she felt forced to have sex with Morris and got an STD from him while she was incarcerated.

"It's looking to us that this is pretty widespread and systemic," Singleton told the paper.

Read the Union-Tribune's "Two Suits Say Sex Abuse By Jailers Tolerated" story for more details.

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