Solvang's Second Century Soiree

The village throws a costumed party to kick off the year.

LOOKING AHEAD: We've all juuuust about reached that point where it is time to put quill to parchment, or, er, pen to paper, or, um, thumb to keypad and make our 2012 vows. Less staring at the fridge, more moving on the treadmill, et cetera. But what if we were to take a longer view? Oh, sure, staring ahead twelve months is already a little daunting -- we think there should be month-to-month resolutions -- but what if you celebrated the decade to come? Or even the next century? That's what Solvang will be doing on Friday, Jan. 6 at its Second Century Celebration.

OUR FAVORITE BIT: Yep, there will be traditional foodstuffs and other evening-sweet convivialities, but the fact that families are encouraged to decorate their tables and arrive in costume just heightens the whole thing. Really, wouldn't every celebration be made better -- and we're talking conventions, weddings, annual shareholder meetings -- if people were encouraged to decorate their own tables and arrive in spirited outfits? Also, two words: local wine. Of course. To be expected and very much desired. If you can't take part in the Danish-themed to-doings, you can wish the village well during another visit. Say, a holiday stop-by? There are still happy things afoot in what was recently called one of the "9 Most Christmassy Towns in America" by Time. Check out the glittery goings-on now (we're sweet on the Olsen's Gingerbread House).

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