Special Aquarium Birth

The Aquarium of the Pacific has a bouncing new baby seal.

Aquarium of the Pacific

Baby seals, we can safely and happily say, are arriving all the time out on various shores and crags and rocks and in the waves.

But a baby seal arriving at an aquarium does tend to catch the headlines, especially when the birth has a rather interesting back story. As this one does: Shelby, a 16-year-old harbor seal living at the Aquarium of the Pacific , gave birth to her first pup, a female, on Thursday, April 26.

If you don't know your sealogy consider this interesting fact, released by the Long Beach-based aquarium: "Most seals give birth to young starting at four to five years of age."

The pup, which doesn't yet have a name, weighed a bouncing 20 pounds, give or take.

Longtime aquarium fans will likely know Shelby, since she arrived at the aquarium just prior to the institution's June 1998 debut; the pup's dad, Troy, has been in Long Beach for a half decade.

Yeah, we'll say it: Awww.

In a related aquarium tidbit, the institution has released a behind-the-scenes look at what staffers were up to while they were shuttered over Grand Prix weekend. Looks like a lot of scrubbing up went down.

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