Noshing in Newport

Over 70 restaurants are still dishing up deals.

shark whale
Bluewater Grill

San Diego's just wrapped. LA's is full steam (and saute and grill) ahead. And the annual Newport Beach Restaurant Week still has a few days to go.

We're still marveling that there are nearly 75 restaurants participating in the eat-out-for-less extravaganza, given the size of Newport. Not that the beachy community is small, but that is a big number. Big. Final date is Thursday, January 28th.

Call it a delicious array of dining choices. Places like Bluewater Grill, 21 Oceanfront, Sam and Harry's, and Kitayama are on the extensive 2010 roster. Plus that local gem the Crystal Cove Shake Shack.

Lunch menus at all the restaurants are in the $15-$20 dollar-ish range. Add ten to fifteen bucks on for dinner prices.

The real question is how to fit trips to so many fantastic establishments into the next couple of days, especially with work and life and all. Maybe a long lunch or two? Plus a long dinner or two? And a long snack or two? A solid prix fixe offer is hard to pass up, especially in a foodie nexus like Newport.

We wanted to say "the NB" but we refrained. Will shortening the name of the city help us get down there faster? If so, we'll gladly use the abbreviation.

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