Spring Snow: Sierra Awaits Flakes

Need to get a few more down-the-mountain runs in? Now is the time.

ICY APRIL: If we had one of those child's hand toys, the one where you slide around little squares depicting numbers until you have them all in the right order, we might attempt to slide around the weeks of this past winter and early spring. For while January stayed dry, too dry, and warm, a springtime snowstorm is headed for Mammoth Mountain at the end of March. Could we not move this storm into the middle of January, or New Year's Day, via one of those sliding toys? We suppose not. Not without a time machine at least. But call it a boon for people who want to get a little more skiing in before the warmer weather truly takes. And, indeed, it is happening just as the East Coast prepares for more snow itself. April, are you to be on the icier side? What gives? January couldn't have had some of that frostier action?

ON THE MOUNTAIN: The storm is arriving around March 26, and, yep, it's a late one, given that the resort is already promoting *next* season's pass on its site. Should you go up over the weekend -- March 29 and 30 -- you'll catch the last day of the Outlaw Snowdown Music Festival. But there are kidly happenings, like Woolly's Saturday Parade, and other around the resort hangouts afoot, despite the end of the season nearing.

SO... Mammoth, and other mountain getaways. With this late March storm, does that mean you'll push onto Memorial Day? Or stage a rare Fourth of July ski session? Perhaps next winter the colder and warmer weather will arrive in the more expected order.

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