St. Patrick's Stroll in Santa Barbara

STATE-LY STROLL: We can all get behind the various observances associated with March 17. Our personal favorite is the eating of corned beef, although, to be honest, we're especially enamored with those little round, parsley-speckled potatoes that often roll around on the plate the traditional meet arrives on. Delicious any day of the year. But Santa Barbara's Independent has a tradition that has caught our fancy, and it isn't a to-do you often hear about on the holiday. Yep. It's a stroll. Down State Street. And people are all or mostly in green.

SWEET: Isn't this nice? Now. We're not saying there won't be a raising of a pint or two at the close of the walk, because we expect there will be. Probably some corned beef and/or small, roll-around-y potato-based enjoyment, too. But a bunch of people, all dressed in green, walking pretty State Street cheers. An anyone-can-join parade, in effect. Oh, and there are bagpipes. Did we mention? That makes strolling instantly festive, we find. The walk starts at 5 p.m. on Thursday, March 17. Address is 122 W. Figueroa in Santa Barbara.

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