Still Time for a Donut-Chicken Sandwich

Might as well just say here, because we know there are lots more like us out there, that we are that annoying, graspy friend who protests that she/he "only wants a bite" of a treat and then ends up consuming the entire thing.

You're that person, too? Then you understand that day, a few years ago, at the Los Angeles County Fair, when our pal ordered the making-headlines Krispy Kreme Chicken Sandwich.  Friend: "Do you want one?" "No," we said in our best nose-wrinkled voice. "You'll eat it and I'll be mad," said friend. "Nuh-uh," nose wrinkling harder.

Flash-forward five minutes later: Our friend, who enjoyed one half of one speck of the sandwich, is watching us greedily pick the last of the crumbs off our shirt while we wonder aloud if it would be gauche to consume those, too.

Well, we're gauche, through and through. We ate the crumbs. And we're reminding you that the OC Super Fair is still on through Sunday, August 9th.  Meaning you, too, can try the Krispy Kreme Chicken Sandwich, a fair superstar of the most caloric order. The one pictured on the fair site has jelly in it, and we don't remember jelly in the one we inhaled a few years back. Sounds like the jam factor might add some oomph, some goopy, delicious, crumb-collecting pow.

Just wash those mitts before riding your next ride, so the slide-down bar doesn't get too sticky. Better yet, ride the ride *before* your donut-y sandwich treat.

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