Straps, Wheezes, and Accordions Aplenty

Lemony Snicket's aide de camp Daniel Handler plays one. So does comedian Judy Tenuta. And that wordy wordsmith John Linnell of They Might Be Giants. Some smart, creative, fabulous and/or clever people play the accordion, and for that reason alone we're diehard bellows buffs.

And we know we're among friends, people who know that, while "Lady of Spain" may be one of the staples of the accordion, there is a lot of territory to cover with that wheeziest of instruments.

Watch and hear that range at SqueezeFestLA, which will be corralling a colorful array of bands that happen to feature accordions, not to mention listeners who like an accordion. Travels to Paris, Louisiana and Mexico are promised. Romance. Intrigue. Accordions. So much accordion.

On the bill: Vagabond Opera, Conjunto Los Pochos, Feufollet. In our minds: A small, Seine-close table upon which sits a cloudy glass of half-drunk absinthe. Next to that, a napkin with a lipstick kiss. Would mademoiselle like another madeleine? Yes, mademoiselle would.

SqueezeFestLA, Sunday, June 28th, Ford Amphitheatre

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