Super Bowl Sunday: One Day, So Many Ways

We know some who never miss a football game, be it professional or high school or down at the local park; others wouldn't know what "first and ten" meant if you promised them a trip to Tampa Bay for guessing right. Still a few more only get involved if they back the teams on the field.

Really, Super Bowl Sunday can be for every one of us, regardless of our football-leaning proclivities. Here are a few tips as we head into Game Day (and yes, salty snack foods will be mentioned -- seems like that's practically some kind of rule when it comes to talking about the event)...

GOING OUT: Any public place with a television can be pretty well counted on to be tuned into Super Bowl XLIII, but you'll want to find someplace sportsy, where guys are prone to bumping chests after a surprise touchdown and a least a few people might venture into face paint territory, or at least team wear. Yankee Doodles on Third Street Promenade and Busby's in Santa Monica should fit that bill. The Sagebrush Cantina in Calabasas is a chilled-out hang to spend game day (good drink specials, too), while Jake's in Pasadena is a swell spot to have a fully loaded hot dog and keep an eye on the screen while you try not to get mustard everywhere (impossible).

STAYING IN: You'll need three things: food, drink, and some sort of electronic device to convey the game. Four things, if you want to include furniture for your guests to sit on, and you probably do. While we always like usual frozen staples of the day -- jalapeno poppers, mini quiches, French fries (shoestring) and French fries (crinkled) -- we must recommend serving bites that pay tribute to the teams on the field. Buy a few bags of Poore Brothers chips -- made right in the Grand Canyon State -- if you're rooting for the Cardinals. If you're a Steelers fan, you'll want a bottle of Pittsburgh-born Heinz ketchup or some Klondike bars nearby.

SKIPPING IT: The little secret around Southern California that isn't a secret at all is that, if you aren't into football, the theme parks are the place to go on Super Bowl Sunday. We say it isn't so secret because clearly the word is out; during a recent Super Bowl we visited one of the majors only to find others with similar ideas. That said, if there's a place you normally avoid due to crowds, and you're not planning on catching the game, Sunday may be the day to give it a go.

Finally, consider that Phoenix is only a six- to seven-hour drive away. If you *really* want to be in the middle of full-on fandom, consider turning east (and, of course, if you're a Cards buff). Pittsburgh? We don't recommend driving, but the flights aren't all that long...

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