Supping on Julia Child Recipes

No time to go door to door and survey people. But, we're going to guess, that on any given weeknight a whole mess of normal, just-home-from-work-ers are pulling their dinners out of little plastic containers and takeaway bowls, hitting "one minute" on the microwave, and searching for the remote.

That's cool. We're busy. The driving. The online banking. The tweeting. There's stuff. Always -- so much -- stuff.

But there are places that want to show us, want us to enjoy, how life was once lived and can be lived. Today's example: the Anaheim White House. The historic, very large, very presidential (yep, there's now a Barack Obama room, in addition to several other rooms named after U.S. presidents) restaurant known for celebratory supping has an eye on an upcoming movie release.

That movie is the Meryl-Streep/Amy-Adams-starrer "Julie & Julia," and in honor of its August 7th bow the Orange County restaurant is whipping up dishes a la Ms. Child. The tres Julia-esque special dishes begin on Friday, August 7th and last through August.

This is satisfactory in so many ways. One, our hearts do dearly love the movie tie-in, especially when it involves things that are sauced and cream-based and that we may consume while fluttering our eyelids and running our index finger around the edge of a plate, hoping our date won't notice.

And second, of course: We will not be making an Julia Child recipes any time soon. Not that we don't want to. Not that we don't long to. We're working up to that level. We've been intimidated, we've lacked confidence, we've been in awe. But the idea that we can go sample them at a restaurant might just inspire us to break out "Mastering the Art of French Cooking" soon.

Calling coq au vin. Dreaming of boeuf-y, bourguignon-y delights... 

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