Sweater Weather in June

Okay, the snowshoes are stowed, and we haven't even eyed the parka. But it is tickling us that going out in the evenings lately has required us to don something hoodie-ish or wrap-like, and even the daytimes are a tad chill. Well, mornings, anyway. Chill and damp.

If you've ever lived anywhere else but LA, practically -- okay, maybe not San Francisco, which boasts summers so famously brrr-like even Mark Twain was rumored to have cracked wise about them -- then June means one thing. Or maybe ten: pools, Popsicles, sizzling sidewalks, running through sprinklers, sleeping next to the apartment window, bugs, air-conditioned movie theaters, cold compresses, sunburns, coconut oil smells in the breeze.

But June Gloom, SoCal-style, will have none of that. Nope, it is still light sweaters and socks for us, and we, for one, are happy. We will not be so happy come Halloween, when it shall be hot, roasty hot, and we will be too sweaty for whatever complicated costume we want to wear. Have you ever sweated down Santa Monica Boulevard at the West Hollywood carnival? Yes, you probably have. Us, too. In a turtleneck. Sweet memories.

So, science, and great minds of weather, we put this to you: can we do a June Gloom-Halloween exchange, for just one year? We know, it'll probably cost billions, and require the harnessing of clouds and jet streams and such, but we wouldn't mind having one fall-like Halloween and a pool-perfect June. Sounds like a Heat Miser-Snow Miser type of mash-up. Totally doable.

Thank you, science.

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