Sweet-Smelling Deal (for One Day Only)

Every rose has a thorn, et cetera and so forth. And so while we wait for the Corpse Flower at the Huntington Library & Gardens to finally bloom and unleash its celebrated, not-so-nice-to-the-nose odor -- that would be the thorn part of the analogy, the waiting part -- we can be happy about a one-day deal the Huntington has going.

Like many museums and institutions, the Huntington closes for one weekday each week; Tuesday happens to be its usual day of shuttering. But in honor of its famous specimen and the major attention it is garnering, the gardens are opening up for just one Tuesday. That would be June 16th, and the deal gets even more perfume-y: adults get in for $8, instead of the usual $15 weekday admission.

"Stinky Tuesday" is putting a sprinkle of violet jacaranda petals on our hearts, a rose in our hair, something lily-like in our hands. It's a fine gesture, and whether that flower has finally gone the distance on Tuesday or not -- the predicted bloom days keep getting inched back as Mr. Corpse takes its own (not so) sweet time -- we think a wander-around the succulents might just be in order.

Note that the library and exhibits will be closed on "Stinky Tuesday" but the grounds are open.

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