Talking “Inventing L.A.”

A newish book follows our times, and Times.

Can't beat a fine hometown daily.

And when you live in a town where that daily just happens to be famous around the world, and regularly read and discussed around the world, you can expect stories, many stories, to be attached. Lots of lore. The LA Times is a legend, for myriad reasons, but certainly the family behind it has lent much to the myth-building.

Bill Boyarsky has penned "Inventing L.A." for Angel City Press; Peter Jones did a film covering the same territory. Now Mr. Boyarsky is headed for Book Soup on Monday, December 7th to sign his book and chat about the Times, and the Chandler family.

We were just talking about another Chandler-related book, "Dreamers in Dream City" (this one is not just about the Times, although author Harry Brant Chandler is, as you might have guessed, a Chandler). Now we want to know more, the dish as well as the directions this family steered the paper in. And how the steering of the paper influenced the steering of our city.

Mr. Boyarsky's on at 7PM.

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