Talking Points: Bacon-Backing Edition

...Oh, good bacon. Has this sizzled up again?  A few months ago we pondered if Spam might take the place of bacon in meat lovers' hearts. Then Mike Nelson jumped into the fragrant fray. And now Andrew Sullivan points us to a video on Slate calling bacon's tasty reign finally kaput.

But if you've ever enjoyed the sour cream-y, sauerkraut-ish hot dog, bacon-laden wonder at Pink's called the Martha Stewart, you'll know that bacon is eternal. Like a sunset, or a wave in the ocean, it always returns, stronger than before, cracklier than ever, chewier, robuster, saltier. One of our dreams is, of course, to enjoy a Martha Stewart hot dog with Martha Stewart. But, we wonder, would we have enough to chat about while we wait in the famous Pink's queue? We think so. Wall sconces and violet seedlings and window treatments and upside-down cakes. Martha, next time you're in LA, the Martha Stewart is on us. We'll even throw in some fries and a root beer. Meet us on La Brea?

...We don't know if bacon is involved, but we're hoping so, but regardless of its level of bacon-osity we're looking forward to the foodie-fantastic Jonathan Gold event at Smashbox Studios on March 8. If you're a Goldian, you'll know that the eating will be good and diverse and memorable. And if you're not, Google the man and get to know his plate-focused work.

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