Talking Points: Dec. 16

"My toddler made this creamy dill dip!" Who among us doesn't love to hear that boast when sauntering into a potluck with the $29 au gratin specialty we just picked up at the fancy gourmet deli down the street? Turns out there are more hidden horrors lurking at the potluck table. Only scary thing we've ever encountered are the number of expensive dishes and pans we've accidentally left behind...

Clooney. Carrell. Diaz. And a few people we've never heard of but we're sure are very fine actors all say "nuh-uh" in unison. The town's been poring over the list of names that just signed the "let's all work this out" open letter regarding the SAG strike. Along with instantly infamous, slightly yell-y New York meeting, we're thinking we should grab a patio seat at Marie Callendar's outside SAG HQ just to see what goes down next. Pie and fireworks? Oh, forget the pie. This calls for a Scotch.

Latkes coming to West Third? Thank you, latke angels, with extra sour cream and apple sauce on top. And right across from Joan's, too. Maybe a crosswalk is in order here? Because jaywalking (read: screaming mad dashing) across this traffic-y street is already an issue. Seriously.

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