Talking Points: Feb. 3

...How much are we liking that a phone number from a pop song that's been around for over a quarter century is running up the bids? The fabled 867-5309 (you just read that "9" as "nine-eeee-nine," didn't you?) was put on the auction block. Well, in New Jersey. But it crossed the $5,000 mark, which is impressive, especially when you think about how the winner of the phone number is going to be getting *a lot* of calls from possibly soused strangers. Us, we like the "213" area code. We know that millions still have it, so it isn't *quite* as exclusive as 867-5309, but it just says vintage LA to us.

And aren't you hoping the winner is named Jenny? Should the winner maybe change their name to Jenny?

...The 2009 Guac Bowl winners are out. A giant Pac Man table, made of guacamole, scored Best Presentation, but we would have picked the Han Solo frozen in guac (think the encasing scene in "Empire Strikes Back"). Should we all step up our Super Bowl snacks now? Yes, we should.

...And in today in saving money: Lower prices at the Kirk Douglas, half-price nights at Dolce.

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