Talking Points: Feb. 5

...It's been open for a bit now, but the bathroom that now proudly bears the name of Oscar winner Dustin Hoffman at the new Santa Monica College performing arts center is on our must-see list. We recently spied it on television -- it's nice, though our bathroom-reviewing skills might be a bit undeveloped -- and then a friend mentioned it, and now we're positively sure we have to get over there at once lest we be the last people to enjoy its cleanser-y, tiled terrific-ness.

And so Mr. Hoffman, we salute you, because opting to have what is not the most front-and-center part of a complex named in your honor, rather than some giant building, is bold, very bold. Plus, a bathroom. Talk about the one place everyone goes. We meant "goes to," but read that as you will.

...Throbbing Gristle. Best band name ever? They're throbbing toward Coachella.

...Today in finding-the-Kogi-BBQ-Truck: It's at the Japanese American National Museum, starting at 5PM. That's Thursday, February 5. Spicy Pork. Yes.

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