Talking Points: Strut Your Stuff Edition

...When a designer walks out of the store and off the runway straight into pop culture, you know some sort of fashion milestone has been crossed. Such is the case with Christian Louboutin -- his sumptuous shoes are featured in "Confessions of a Shopaholic" and serve, in films and TV and magazines, as shorthand for le ultimate in fancy footwear. The French designer makes an appearance at his South Coast Plaza store on Tuesday, February 24, to celebrate the release of his Marie Antoinette line. Ooh la la...

...Angelenos in a catch-some-beads kind of mood are trying to figure out where to take themselves on this fine Fat Tuesday. Look, we don't want to continually harp on the topic, since it is such a happy topic, but can a town have too many parades? We think not. They're economical -- okay, for the viewers -- and celebratory and add a wee boost of business to whatever area they are zippity-do-ing through. Maybe we can get a major Mardi Gras one going here, is all we're saying. Send that baby down Broadway for a couple of blocks. Let anyone join, and everyone dances. Because more dancing, less stress. In our books, anyway.

...Oh, the whole tie-in to the "strutting" theme will be thin on this one, but it is about something free, so we'd be remiss to skip it. Turns out the Queen Mary is reviving its "free for California residents" deal from March 1-15. Nice. Oh, now that we think about it, you do a lot of strutting, walking up stairs, hoofing it around the big boat. Guess that qualifies. (Note: Don't forget something, an ID, to prove you live in the Golden State, Golden Staters.)

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