Talking “thirtysomething”

There were shows before "thirtysomething" that were highly verbal and discussed emotions and dissected relationships and wondered, at length, for a full scene, why X didn't like Y but couldn't get over Z, even after Z crashed his car. But the seminal '80s drama is often praised -- and sometimes snickered at -- for its introspective dialogue and emotional intelligence.

And its yuppies. Oh, it had yuppies. We'll call it yuppiefied, even.

But snicker not, snickerers. This lowercase-lovin' show influenced the dramas you watch today -- we'll even call it a forerunner to the cable renaissance -- and remains important and still addictive. Good thing then that the Paley Center for Media is rounding up a lot of the "thirtysomething" players on Tuesday, August 18th at 7PM for more chitchat, more inner exploration, more perusal of feelings.

Honcho duo Marshall Herskovitz and Edward Zwick will be mic'd and on stage, as will Peter Horton and Timothy Busfield; the Paley says additional guests will be announced. (Come on, Ken Olin!)

Who should head for Beverly Hills: Obviously, fans of the show. We'd also say anyone who has followed a relationship drama in the last decade or so -- "True Blood" or "Tell Me You Love Me" or "Private Practice" -- can gain some insight into what makes stirring TV. If you haven't watched it, ever, maybe you'll pick up a new series?

We know. Your TiVo is groaning. The DVDs are piled up. But what's one more show?

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