10 Pictures, Two Saturdays. And, Go.

You need to brush up on Oscar noms. AMC Theatres can help.


Double-features? Easy. Triple features? Easy-peasy. Four movies in a row? We laugh. Sitting through multiple hours of movie merriment, well-snacked and well-chaired, seems like the simplest thing in the world.

But ten movies? Well. That is a sprocket of a different reel. Granted, the annual AMC Best Picture Showcase won't be screening all the Best Picture nominees over a single Saturday -- the theaters are going five and five, on Saturday, Feb. 19 and Saturday, Feb. 26 -- but still. Five movies in a row? Better hydrate, but not too much (mid-movie bathroom runs and all that).

So? Are you caught up? On your big movies? If not, this is your chance. "Toy Story 3," "127 Hours," "The Kids Are All Right," "True Grit," and "The Fighter" are all playing on Feb. 19. "Winter's Bone," "Black Swan," "Inception," "The Social Network," and "The King's Speech" screen on Feb. 26.

A two-day pass is $60. Right? We had to say "right" before even stating the obvious: It's a bargain. Also, there's a ten-buck AMC gift card for each of the days, and it can go toward concessions. Again. Liquid up, but watch your intake. Bathroom trips.

Aside: When will movies start running in the bathrooms, too, so we don't miss anything? Theater owners? Help us.

Just over a half dozen theaters in the LA area are participating. The roster.

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