The ’80s Mixtape Tee


'80s MIXTAPE T-SHIRT: The question was always, of course, whether to put the most important song -- the song that told the mix-tapee how the mix-taper really felt -- at the very beginning or end. And whether you go beginning or end (end!) or CD or what, this tee will look as cute. The heart at the top is what it is all about. From CritterJitters, $20

THE DOODLE DOG BAG: Because our dog bags -- you know the totes you use to haul treats and water jugs when you're hitting the road -- just get, um, well...doggy. So fast. So then we resort to a grocery bag, which isn't nearly as stylish, and then it gets wet, and doggier. This bag from DogBedWorks cheers us. That persimmon color. And, you can throw it in the washer. Bye, kibble dust. $40 (but eye the 30-percent off at checkout deal)

ABSINTHE MINTS: The perfect, perfectly wee, not-wine, not-food, not-empty-promises-to-clean-the-kitchen-after-dinner hostess gift for the off-beat hostess. The hostess who is absolutely mad for absinthe, and 19th-century artists, and anise-flavored candy. She'll think of you each time she reaches in her purse for a little poetical pick-me-up. $2.49, at Perpetual Kid

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