The Devil Runs the Show at The Viper Room

LA's Run Devil Run rocks the Sunset Strip Music Festival

If the Sunset Strip Music Festival is meant to pay tribute to the golden age of platinum rockers that the famous club row bred in years past, the crowd at The Viper Room was oblivious to such a notion. Last night it was all about the party.

Like crashers of their own party Run Devil Run initiated the revelers to their Live from the Sunset Strip style with "Can't Stop Me." Over a rumbling locomotive bass, lead vocalist Jeremy Aric declared to the packed house, "You've come too far!" -- as if even a trip to the restroom was out of the question.

It was clear to this party-goer that Run Devil Run had to be here on the day after the festival honored Slash for his contributions to Rock-n-Roll. Run Devil Run's guitar-laden, bass-driven, rifts invigorated the crowd as the guitar solos completed the package. Domo, who needs no other moniker, finessed his Strat like The Edge on steroids; crunchy blues riffs with Delay pedal when necessary.

In such a storied and legendary street, Run Devil Run definitely fit the bill. Even as they performed "Just Evolving" a rock ballad, I thought it fitting for a genre that has all but disappeared. And as if in agreement, I witnessed more than a few lighters in the air.

One of the highlights of the night for this old reveler was when they covered AC/DC's "Dirty Deeds." The band -- Jackie Joyride on bass, Dave Plesh drums, Domo on guitar and Jeremy Aric's vocals -- did it justice as Aric paid tribute to Bon Scott with an air of Kevin Dubrow (even wearing his trademark black and white).

Make no mistake, though, Run Devil Run is their own band with the charisma and swagger of any rock band that started its platinum selling journey on the legendary Strip.

By the time the band played its final song "I think I Like It," I was convinced: Yea, I do like it.


Contributor: Jose Hernandez Jr.
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