The Flamboyant Cuttlefish Is Back to Wow the Aquarium

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Robin Riggs
Hugh Ryono, of the aquarium, shared some cuttlefish observations in a 2015 blog post: "At first glance they may look like a tiny herd of colorful neon glowing rhinos or triceratops walking along the bottom of the exhibit. The color and texture of their bodies continuously changing making them look like an electrical light parade float at Disneyland."
Robin Riggs
"Then a blink later they can dramatically change their color and blend into their background looking like a rock. They are called flamboyant cuttlefish and they really live up to their names. It’s also really neat how they will interact with you through the glass of their exhibit," continued Mr. Ryono.
Robin Riggs
"They’ll actually come up and stare at you with their mesmerizing alien-like eyes. You really feel like they are analyzing you. You can’t help but feel a connection with these little critters."
Robin Riggs
The cuttlefish's eight arms? They're all located near "the front of their body," says aquarist Janet Monday.
Aquarium of the Pacific
As for the babies? You can see those, too, when visiting the Long Beach-based aquarium. There are a number of safety policies in place, so be sure to read all before you go, and get those reservations in advance, too.
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