Overview: The NBCLA.com Paid Internship Program

Interns wanted for spring, summer, fall sessions. This is a paid position

Thank you for your interest in the NBCLA.com paid internship.

Our program is an opportunity for driven students to take their skill set to the next level. This is a rigorous program designed exclusively for students who already have a mastery of reporting, writing and AP style, and are ready to learn more.

This is a paid position.

Students will be immersed in the day-to-day news gathering operations of the NBC4 Southern California digital team, including nbclosangeles.com, mobile apps and social accounts.

A passion for news and the Internet is a must.

You will be working with veteran digital journalists to write one to two stories a day, find sources, conduct interviews, compile research, build photo galleries, edit video and assist with social media and editorial planning. You will explore all aspects of digital journalism.

This is not a get-coffee, just-hang-out internship. You will be a part of our team, learning new skills every day. This is an opportunity to transition from college student to real-life journalist via the day-to-day challenges of the No. 2 media market in the country. By the end of the internship, you will leave with a well-rounded newsroom education and a portfolio of 30 to 50 articles.

Motivated students can thrive in this position.

Your intern experiences will include:

  • Publishing dozens of original stories with your byline on NBCLA.com, including your own bio page. Some stories will be published nationally on NBCNews.com.
  • Working closely with award-winning digital and on-air journalists
  • Interviewing public officials, police officers, politicians and other prominent sources
  • Researching complicated issues, including civic affairs and political matters
  • Coordinating and executing special projects, such as Olympics, elections and major news.
  • Producing breaking news under deadline
  • Going out in the field with an NBC4 on-air journalist and photographer
  • Working with multimedia, including video and photo galleries
  • Composing updates, tweets, pins and Facebook posts for the NBCLA social campaigns
  • Sitting in on high-level station-wide strategy and planning sessions
  • Pitching original enterprise stories
  • Learning cutting-edge web publishing tactics, including search engine optimization 
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