The Queen Mary Makes Merry

New Yorkers rave about Rockefeller Center, in part for its sheer Christmas-y feel this time of year. And while we're maybe *slightly* jealous -- in a good way -- we are proud to boast about the Queen Mary. Like Rockefeller Center, the ocean liner was built in the 1930s and just oozes class, swankiness and atmosphere; it's like you're suddenly back in the day when men wore fedoras and called guys "buddy" with a wink and a handshake.

But good news for Angelenos: The Queen Mary, like its elegant counterpart in midtown Manhattan, also gets a tree and a festive lighting ceremony. The tree is no match for the New York fir -- what is, really? -- but it is always gorgeous, and the sheer fun of being on the big boat (which isn't going anywhere, not since 1967) with such history kind of feels holiday-ish year-round. There are also free treats at the lighting, as well as free general admission starting at 4:30PM. In short, it is a celebratory night in a celebratory place.

And no, we vow not to go ghost hunting in the spooky indoor swimming pool after the tree is lit; we may go snooping for a glass-of-wine at that Art Deco wonder, The Observation Bar, however...

Tree Lighting at the Queen Mary
Wednesday, December 10, 6:30PM
The Queen Mary, 1126 Queen's Highway, Long Beach

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