The SLO Xtreme


X, SPOT, ETC: You know when the "e" on the front of "extreme" is dropped that you are in very extreme-y territory. And if that territory happens to be in Beerland, well, not only are things xtreme, but there's likely a party going down, too. The SLO Xtreme is such a party. The one-night only beer bash, which is happening on Saturday, Feb. 19, puts the focus on foams with an xtreme edge.

SAN LUIS SIPS: And "SLO" of course is beautiful San Luis Obispo. Beeradvocate has a round-up of the edgy tastes from "brewers local and around the world." Also note that not every glass'll be pushing various envelopes, if you're not the most adventurous of ale appreciators. Get details on tickets for the Vets Hall festival.

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