The Stanley's First Yosemite Trip

STANLEY SIGHTSEEING: The traveling of a hard-won trophy? It always charms us, especially when the photos start rolling in of the prize sitting before iconic landmarks or sights. With that in mind we wanted to post the photo of the Stanley Cup before Half Dome in Yosemite National Park. The cup made the trip to the park over the Fourth of July holiday weekend, and if you're thinking that there was a Boston Bruins rep accompanying it, you'd be correct. Jeremy Jacobs, owner of the championship-winning team, was in the house (or the valley, to be more accurate). Mike Bolt, who keeps the Stanley Cup, was also part of the trophy's entourage.

CUPLY CELEBRATIONS: The Stanley Cup made several stops around Yosemite, but our favorite? It was present at a sing-along at the Wawona Hotel. Sounds perfectly summer-camp-sweet to us. Quite the heady trip following the big game in Vancouver on June 15.

ALSO IN YOSEMITE: A few more notes from the park. Waterfalls continue to run. Girls on Granite have two September climbing sessions ahead. And the Vintners' Holidays have been announced; check out the full complement of winemakers scheduled to appear at the Ahwahnee come autumn.

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