“The View” Ladies Head Our Way

It was announced that "The View" is winging its way to Southern California for a weeklong stint near the middle of March, and while this is very good news for serious fans of the morning talk phenomenon, we're already wondering what the hosts might like/not-so-much like about our fair city.

The Oscars will have wrapped -- actually, they'll have been over for two+ weeks by the time "The View" arrives -- and as we all well know in watercooler land, talking about the Oscars the Monday after, or even the week after, is perfectly acceptable, but by March the talk turns to March Madness and St. Pat's plans. So there probably won't be any gown-related gab.

We're just hoping they'll skip the usual New York/Los Angeles tensions (see Woody Allen's "Annie Hall") like cloggy traffic and fake people and winter tans and orange smog and go right to the good stuff: tacos and music clubs and how we can ski and play on the beach all in one day. Plus, Whoopi has lived here for years, right? There's going to be a lot of love going down. We just feel it. Ladies?

If you're interested in nabbing one of those audience chairs, check out on "The View" site for more info.

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