Theater Costume Garage Sale

A Noise Within is moving and cleaning out the costumes in the process.

Craig Schwartz

Rare is the major move that isn't preceded by a curb or garage sale.

Why is that? Well, certainly a move is a fine time to cast an eye on what won't be needed at the new address. And, if you're a theater company, it is a fine time to raise some cash, too. A Noise Within is making the hop from Glendale to Pasadena, and is throwing a huge sale to make that hop just a wee bit easier.

The sale is on Saturday, Aug. 13, entry is two bucks, and attendees will find an assortment of costumes and wigs and props and fixtures and such. We suspect it will be one of those deals where you'll just need to show and be ready to be delighted by what you find, rather than showing up with something specific in mind. A giant, Elizabethan ruff? A bronze-y candelabra? Yes, please.

A Noise Within recommends showing with cash, but credit cards will be accept with minimum purchase.

Opening night for A Noise Within is Oct. 29. Funds from the sale will help the company's $13.5 million capital campaign.

Sale's on from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Aug. 13. Address is 234 S. Brand in Glendale. Come dressed to try on some ruffs. Is our recommendation.

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