Tighty Terrycloth Shorts On, Skate Superstars

Down & Derby, a gorgeous, get-down, funky-funk-down-to-your-trunk skate spectacular at The Echoplex, starts at 9PM on Thursday, June 18th, which is good news indeed.

That means you have time to get home after work and get to work. And when we say get to work we mean you'll look at your mail, feed the cat, eat some dinner, and then you'll proceed to carefully lay out the following items on your bed: tube socks, preferably with a big, thick stripe near the top. Sparkly shoelaces. A stretchy, pastel-hued terrycloth headband. And dolphin shorts with extra-thick white piping.

And, on the floor: bumper-fronted skates. Preferably with extra-fat, truckin' wheels the exact color of Red Vines.

Even if you don't have any of that, but you still have a party way deep inside your heart, you should get to The Echoplex for the full-on, 21+ skate night. Drinking, shaking of booty, and conga-line roller-dancing will likely occur. And a limited number of skates will be for rent, if yours are in the shop.

Will you hold hands with your biggest crush ever? Will he/she spin you, "Xanadu"-like, in a dreamy skate dream? Magic happens when the wheels roll.

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