Tim Burton LACMA Signing

The artist kicks off his big show with a big book signing. Big.

A very young Tim Burton makes a brief appearance in the documentary "Waking Sleeping Beauty." If you saw the 2010 film, which looks back at Disney animation in the '80s and '90s, you likely laughed upon spying the future auteur; he's twentysomething, a kid from Burbank, and in just-starting-out mode.

No longer, right? Now a huge retrospective of his work is set to debut at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. Tim Burton opens on May 29 and runs through Halloween. Halloween! Yes. Burtonites, rejoice.

The "Alice in Wonderland" director will be on hand to kick things off on Saturday, May 28. He'll be signing books for two hours, from noon to 2 p.m.

There are three things to know about this event. One, the line'll be long. It'll be as long as Jack Skellington is tall. Two, someone will out-Mad-Hatter you, even if you get a pretty wicked outfit together that morning. Just be okay with this, in your heart. And three, LACMA has some rules on the books you'll need to purchase. You'll want to read all before you go.

We'd stand in line wondering about that boy from the documentary, and if he knew that one day he'd have a huge show at LACMA. It just goes to show you that sometimes LA delivers on its "big things can happen" promise. Talent and hard work help promise-delivery, of course. 

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