Tiny Otter Time

Wednesdays Child Victor

AWWW FACTOR: They're not out for the public to coo over yet, but we're weak before pictures of otter pups. The Santa Barbara Zoo just published a few photos of its latest brood, a brood born to otters Bob and Jillian on May 21. Try as we might to not be delighted over the parents' names, we cannot. Bob and Jillian. Fine and excellent names, of course, but not monikers one would expect for water-loving mammals. Three girls and three boys were in the litter, and they're in an "off-site nesting box." That sounds extremely cozy to us. And surely to the zoo staff and otters, too; the litter shall stay off-site for the time being.

FOLLOW HERE: If you want to know when the Asian small-clawed otter pups born will make their grand entrance, follow Santa Barbara Zoo. Bob and Jillian also had a litter last year, and those pups are expected to make an early August debut. In short, when we say there's a whole lot of otter puppage going on around the zoo, we are not telling tales. (We were tempted to type "tails" there but we politely refrained.)

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