Totally ’80s Hollywood Bowl Party

The Bowl makes a very neon-hued big announcement.


Calling the colossal Hollywood Bowl a love shack doesn't seem quite right, at least space-wise, but come Friday, Sept. 2, it definitely will boast all sorts of love-shackian properties.

That's because the B-52s will be playing a Totally '80s Hollywood Bowl dance party, along with the Human League, Berlin, and The Fixx. The Fixx! Skinny ties and tapered slacks for everyone, we say.

The Bowl just made the big announcement, and we're passing along asapily, for a few reasons. One, um, because it is what it is, and a giant summertime al fresco love-in with the B-52s doesn't need any building up.

And two, the show's going down the Friday before Labor Day Weekend. Our thought, which we likely share with many? This is a concert that'll attract a large-ish out-of-town contingent, as well as the local set.

So. What to do? You can subscribe to the Bowl, or you can mark Tuesday, March 15 with a big markery red "X" on your calendar. That's the day the awesome "5 or More" Hollywood Bowl packages go on sale. Well worth thinking about, going the mega-concert-package route.

Wait. Did we say red "X"? You know we meant Dayglo pink or razzmatazz green. We miss '80s oomph. Let's all agree to bring it back, pronto, and not just for the concert.

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