Trick-or-Treating, Disney-Style

FUNNY THING: It can be 103 degrees in Anaheim. You can be standing in the middle of Disneyland's Main Street, consuming an icy drink and dabbing at your forehead, and somehow, just a little bit, you'll still feel as if it might be autumn. Maybe we're the only ones to get this particular feeling, but we think the famous stretch always lives in a perpetual October 20th.* The bunting, the Victorian garb in the windows. Yeah. It's autumnal. So when fall really arrives at the theme park, it fits. The pumpkins in the windows and the orange-and-yellow swag. Add into that mix some old-fashioned Trick-or-Treating, and kidlets in costume, and it really feels like a small-town autumn experience. But not many small towns boast Mickey and Goofy, of course. The Trick-or-Treating is part of Mickey's Halloween Party, beginning Friday, Sept. 30.

THE DETAILS: There's a lot of extras and to-knows, as with any big Disneyland to-do. Adults and kids are both invited to arrive in costume. A mix of healthy treats and candy will be given out. There will be character sightings, of course. And it is only happening over 10 nights (night one, Sept. 30, is sold out; we recommend trying some of the Monday and Tuesday nights, although a few Fridays are possibilities, too). And revelers can arrive three hours ahead of Mickey's Halloween Party for a little playtime in the park. Find out more and get your tickets. Then start planning that princess get-up. Wait. We want to be a Dalmatian. But which one? There are 101, after all. Okay. We'll be Dalmatian #37.

* It's also very Fourth of July on Main Street, regardless of time of year.

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