Tweedy Clutch Boasts Cred

[ accessories ]

LIZ SHAW CLUTCH: Joan Jett rocking the OC. A bio-pic of the singer just ahead. RollerCon in Vegas. We're desperate to add something edgier to our ho-hum days. The tweediness of this clutch says "visit to the tax guy" while the guitar applique says "we're going to listen to something FM-y, at top volume, all the way there." 

[ hats ]

DINER PAPER HATS: Still a few outdoorsy barbecue-type thingies ahead. We've been eyeing these old-fashioned paper hats at Surfas in Culver City. The thing to do is make everyone who attends wear them. Not just the chef, or the person who is serving. Everyone who wants a burger has to hat up.

[ apothecary ]

RUSTIC PINE SOAP: Put us down, and anyone who loves nature, which should be every carbon-based life form, to be honest, for nice things that smell of the woods. The words "rustic" and "pine" make the traffic noise honking wheels squealing go far, far away. Fading. Fading... Bonus: Blockiness. Three cheers for soap bold enough to go blocky. From Besem Natural Scents

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