Twirling Ballerinas and “Black Swan” Cocktails

The tutu'd tale is getting a two-day DVD release party.

AP/Fox Searchlight

So when your film finally makes it to DVD -- and we just know that'll be any day for you, because you're talented and persistent and you continue to stick it out in a challenging business -- what will you do to mark the occasion?

You'll of course want to base your bash on the film itself. And you'll want to go big, which practically goes without saying, and yet we're saying it. And for an easy lesson in DVD-release-party big-o-sity, look no further than The Grove, which is the scene of the "Black Swan" DVD and Blu-ray release.

Why do we cite this particular movie's release as being especially notable? On Friday, March 25 and Saturday, March 26, a huge music box will set up shop near the grassy bit of the shopping center. And, inside that music box? Human ballerinas ballerina-ing.


We'll also mention that Morels, which will be pretty much music box-adjacent, will be mixing themed cocktails for the occasion. Black Swan and White Swan are the creamy concoctions; the former has Kahlua, the latter Frangelico (there are other spirited ingredients in each as well).

The DVD and Blu-ray will actually debut on Tuesday, March 29. Which reminds us of your film and DVD release party. What cocktails will pour? And what will be your giant music box filled with real ballerinas? It's all important stuff, right, in a city that craves the creative launch? Good luck, and go big. 

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