Vampire-ish Weekends Ahead

Alan Ball could open a mustard store on Neptune and we, along with thousands of others, would probably find a way to get there on opening day; jet pack, rocket, how ever we had to. The return of his vampire-y gothic "True Blood" on Sunday, June 14 is certainly lending a low humming noise to the internet at the moment, as it should. It's a very good show.

Plus, Anna Paquin's gap. Why weren't we born with a gap in our teeth? We must speak to the dentist at once.

The other vampire-y news of the week is Vampire-Con LA, which is due in August. According to Fangoria, the lively undead event kicks off on August 14 with screenings at the New Beverly, with more screenings on the 15th, and a ball at Music Box at the Fonda on Sunday the 16th.

That's only two months off, so best get your best Lestat or Cullen-like outfit together now. Looks wicked indeed.

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