Vampire Love, and More Unusual Valentine's Ideas

"Dracula": This dramatic retelling of the Bram Stoker classic just opened at the NoHo Arts Center and is, in its own words, "graphic" and full of adults-only pleasures. We've always found the intimidating, glowering count pretty scintillating -- maybe it's those giant-collared capes that he wraps around himself with such flair -- so we can only imagine what this troupe of bold, ready-to-bare thespians will do with the tale. Oh my... Through March 22. 11136 Magnolia Boulevard, North Hollywood. 818-508-7101.

Symbolic Getaway: Few holidays are as symbol-riddled as V Day -- hearts, flowers, Cupid, repeat -- and we're willing to go along with that. However, we like our symbols bigger, as in Mount Whitney (the highest point in the contiguous U.S.) and Badwater (same as Mount Whitney, only substitute "lowest" for "highest"). You can do both of them in the same weekend (or at least get fairly close to Mount Whitney, which is very snowy right now -- we'd opt to stay in Lone Pine or Bishop and just gaze upon the mountain). And snuggle-closer hotels aren't far away from either spot. Is there a better way to think about your path than visiting high/low points together? Heavy. But fun. Bonus: You can drive to the area in about half a day from LA.

Tantric School: Often used as storyline on sitcoms -- we're thinking of a "Sex and the City" episode -- tantric school has a lot of serious followers who aren't taking a class to plump out a column or find ideas for that next screenplay. The one spotlighted by LAist is actually a prayerful ritual, it is four hours long and contains no "nudity or sexual contact" (in case you were so wondering). Saturday, February 14. 7-11PM (see site for more information on tickets).

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