Ventriloquist Has Us Talking

He's back, and he's got his chatty friends.

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We can watch things that can't normally talk say funny things all day long. You too?

When Jay Johnson, the famous ventriloquist and a star of "Soap," one of the most innovative, weird-ovative shows in the history of sitcomland, was in town a few years back with his show "The Two and Only," we told everyone we knew, and didn't, to go see this show immediately.

The tennis ball part. The talking tennis ball. We've never seen an audience go, all at once, into fits of can't-breath-laughing tears, but we saw it then.

His one-man, several-puppet show went onto tour the world, causing a sensation in London, and it nabbed a Tony, too. Now "The Two and Only" is back, in Burbank, at The Colony Theatre, for a handful of dates, starting on December 3rd.

If you like any of the following things, you should go: old-school performance, off-beat humor, puppetry, strangeness, outlandishness, the ability to manipulate one's voice in nearly supernatural ways and/or weird weirdity. If you like all of those things, you are probably a fantastic and interesting person. Don't ever change.

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