Vin Scully Takes Over @Dodgers Twitter

Dodgers' Scully entertains fans without even being on TV

After an ugly loss in the first game to the Yankees on Wednesday, one of the things that still had fans excited for Game 2 was the chance to witness Dodgers broadcast legend, Vin Scully, take over the team's Twitter account.

Vin does not travel past the Rockies anymore, but rumors swirled before the season that he might make the trip to New York, anyway.

Scully stayed home, so fans were stuck listening to Steve Lyons and Eric Collins do the broadcast, but still were entertained by Scully’s tweets.

The takeover began, just as it should, with Scully’s usual sign-on:

He went on to send more than 35 tweets during the game, spanning several topics including his favorite highlights from his career and his other broadcasting ventures.

Scully even gave some light play-by-play, including this bit of excitement from Yasiel Puig’s solo home run:

The Dodgers have slowly had Scully work Twitter into his broadcasts, asking poll questions measured through the use of hashtags. But Scully still does not have a great understanding of it.

In fact, he seems to find a way to trend every time he brings up the social network because it is just plain funny when he talks about it.

Scully was first exposed to Twitter in 2012 on-air when he read a tweet from Shane Victorino.

"The Dodgers received a Twitter,” he said. “The twitter read, or do you say twit? Anyway, the twit read…”

That brought a cry of love from fans and, ironically, caused him to trend on Twitter within minutes.

Wednesday’s event was an insightful, fun and a great use of the Twitter platform. The Dodgers get a lot of praise for their Twitter account from fans and media for its wit and humor, but this was something that felt really special.

I hope that this is something that can happen one more time before Scully’s time in the booth is done.

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