Fireplace Fixins

Well. Brrrr.

Weather has arrived in Los Angeles. They said it couldn't happen. They said we live in bikinis. And yet, as it does every December, the rain comes back with a howl and a gust.

If you've got a fireplace, lucky. If you got a fireplace that is actually fully stocked, with juniper kindling and a handsome screen and those little pinecone-y things that help give up pretty colors and smells, double lucky. If you don't, you might get down to a shop like Wilshire Fireplace.

There are seven around Southern California, the company has been around since the 1920s, and the last time we popped by the Beverly Hills shop -- which just happens to be conveniently located on Wilshire Boulevard -- we saw plenty of fireplace-related gewgaws.

Including fireplaces for people have no fireplace to speak of. Good browsing for the fireplace fan.

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