Museum of Jurassic Technology Bell Wheel Bracelet

Jewelry with a mysterious air?

It can be a hard thing to achieve. But when a piece instantly summons to mind a very mysterious room -- maybe, if we might be so bold, the most mysterious room in all of Los Angeles -- the jewelry doesn't have to strive for mystery at all. It is automatically esoteric, instantly ethereal, and probably 20 other words that start with "e" that mean strangely wonderful.

We hope you've been inside the bell wheel room at the Museum of Jurassic Technology, that Culver City institution devoted to the delights of the ages. We hope your inner thoughts have been electrified by the art and ideas and music within.

And we hope, if you purchase this $10 bracelet for someone you love or for yourself, you'll wear it with the spunky inscrutability it deserves.

The museum, we should mention, also sells earrings based on the Mary Davis of Saughall piece. Horn earrings. You know the piece. You probably want these so much. We do.

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