“The Manor” Tickets

NBC 4 New York

The fall shows? All sold out. Not a surprise why, either.

Pretty much everyone who likes to look at interesting and dramatic things was jumping at the chance to see a live theatrical event inside Greystone, that forebode-y yet gorgeous Beverly Hills manse that's been in a whole barrel full of movies.

Theatre 40 puts on the "walk around and follow the actors" play, as they've done for nearly a decade. Inside the house. It's all about mystery and a possible crime and old-style duh-ra-ma. You're intrigued, yes?

So, as we mentioned, the handful of fall dates -- zip. Gone. The dates are over and they were sold out to boot. But, a ray: Theatre 40 returns to Greystone for exactly 10 dates in January, February, and March -- 10 dates total -- and tickets are available now.

On second glance, four of the 10 dates are sold out. Meaning ***six*** dates remain. This is something to get on, if you are inclined to get on it.

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