Watch Your Language: It's National Grammar Day

We are exceedingly fond of Ms. Mignon Fogarty, better known as Grammar Girl. The GG tells us, through her daily missives and a wise and sensible podcast, how to structure sentences, the differences between "take" and "bring" (our mother is *still* on us about that one), and every other delightful and only semi-arcane fact to do with our lovely language. Plus, Mignon. Le name is tres chic. (We won't even go into French grammar, about which we haven't le clue.)

Grammar Girl tells us that March 4 is National Grammar Day -- actually, so do a number of other sites, including one we're particularly sweet on, Apostrophe Catastrophes -- and that mere fact alone should give us pause. In a world gone wild, as we sit on a heap of sour headlines, we still have control of how we deploy one of our greatest gifts, the ability to make language sing. Should we be all police-y about it? Must we crumple to the floor, in tears, if we mix up "well" and "good" at exactly the wrong moment, say, at the big toast we're giving at our best pal's wedding?

No. But, taking a moment to give what we've written a glance before we update our Facebook status, or email the boss, or write a heated letter to the editor, is never a bad idea. And while we are still muddling through i.e or e.g. -- that eternal battle -- we vow to remain relaxed about it all, and on occasion, have a friend proofread those really important, like, call-the-notary-important, documents. Everything else? We can all try our best. (Best is okay to end a sentence with, yes?)

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