We All Want to Live in TV World

What an exhilarating thing it must be to see something that you had a very talented hand in suddenly start popping up in Facebook profile pictures and people's news feeds. And fast, too. What an odd thing. Few of us will ever create a sassy video or addicting questionnaire (hello, 25 Questions) that will zoom to the top of the charts in a Facebookian way.

So polite, gloved-hand, let's-not-muss-our-updos applause, then, for the artist Dyna Moe. The illustrator and Upright Citizens Brigade comedian -- meaning she's funny and can draw, which stirs the jealous pot in our hearts, jealous in a good way -- is the pen behind the current "Mad Men Yourself" phenom that's taken over Social Medialand.

In brief, lest you haven't seen it yet, which, hourly, is getting more and more unlikely: It's not dissimilar to Simpsonizing yourself, but with more curves and pearls and 1960s-era cigarettes and cat-eye glasses. You, in short, enter the world of the series "Mad Men," which is returning to AMC in a matter of days. After you create your fabulous, shift-wearing, martini-swilling avatar, you can use that baby as your Facebook pic and create different scenarios from the show with your stand-in in the scene.

Kudos to you, AMC, for snapping this artist up for this project; clearly goosing this into a viral event is a foregone conclusion.  The blocky, retro, dark colors and humorous takes on famous scenes from the show delight. 

And kudos to you, too, Dyna Moe. We're hoping this proves to be a major moment for you, major like Peggy scoring her first big account. Was that the lipstick company?

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