Weekend: Free Griffith Park Shakespeare

A little Bard action in nature? No cash required? Hello, high summer.


SHAKESPEARE IN THE PARK: It's funny that a playwright so much associated with a venue -- yep, we're thinking of the Globe Theatre -- is now synonymous with the outdoorsy summertime production. No complaints, we love it, you love it, so many people do. The park is Griffith, the players hail from the Independent Shakespeare Company, the opening weekend play is "The Winter's Tale," and the whole smart shebang runs through Sept. 2. Oh, and the price to get in? Ye olde zero bucks. Forsoothy fun, indeed.

BRITISH MUSIC SYMPOSIUM: Lucky Catalina Island. It's attracted loads of artists and writers and musicians over the years, including one of the titans of '60s rock, Spencer Davis. Now the island local is part of a starry panel -- ohhh, heartbeats, Mickey Dolenz of The Monkees is on it -- on Saturday, June 30. That's at the Casino. There's also a show about the Spencer Davis Group opening at the Catalina Island Museum that same day. Exhibit name? Gimme Some Lovin', natch.

X GAMES: The Hot Wheels Double Loop Dare is the major story of this year's extreme sports happening. Two cars, a six-story-high loop situation, and more gravity pull than most of us will ever experience. Yep, there'll be crowds. The games run through Sunday, July 1, but the loop action happens outside the convention center on Saturday, June 30.

ANIME EXPO: It is true that anime plays a big part of Comic-Con, but calling this large LACC-based gathering just a place to try out your Comic-Con cosplay costume wouldn't be fair. It's very well-regarded in its own right, attracting major artists, fans, and, yep, cosplayers. Don't know cosplay? Do you love to dress up as characters? Do you adore Japanese arts and animation? Excellent. This could be your new favorite thing. June 29-July 2

EVENING ELECTRIC: Nope, the Museum of Neon Art isn't yet open in Glendale -- oh please oh please open soon -- but this MONA fundraiser has found a pretty rockin' location: The Wally Parks NHRA Motorsports Museum in Pomona. If you love cars and haven't gone on a fender bender at this fab, chrome-laden venue yet, do it. A retro slideshow is part of the night, too, so yay that. Saturday, June 30

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